Saturday, 26 April 2014

The Cruise - day 10 Sicily.....

Day 10 Palermo, Sicily. Our excursion was a good ride round lots of interesting buildings although some streets and junctions are not really wide enough for coaches (bit scary). The Oratoria, we visited two, were beautiful and very ornate and we also went down into the catacombs and that was interesting in a morbid way being introduced to so many dead bodies wonderfully preserved but hung on wires.....who's looking at who eh? We had a little free time but as it's Easter Monday most things are shut (I'm doing really badly on the souvenir buying).

Dinner was in the Grand Pacific again and by sheer coincidence we shared with the same German lady as the night before and a man from Bavaria also joined us, bbq ribs on the menu and they were yummy.

It was the most amazing show called Elements which was a lot of dance representing water, earth, wind and fire of course. There was magic and acrobatics and trapeze and other aerial stuff going on all around us. The finale included the ships singers and then representation of each area of crew and officers came onto the stage singing and dancing including the "washy washy happy happy" guys. Great fun, I can't stop smiling.

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