Saturday, 26 April 2014

The Cruise - day 8 at sea.....

Day 8 and all at sea, so to speak. A very late lazy start, had breakfast and sat around, watched a chef sculpt ice, sat around some more, listened to the bands, enjoyed some bbq lunch and sat drinking tea and watching the can doing so little be so exhausting?

Hubby declined the sexy men's legs competition.

This afternoon the children's club took to the stage and put on a circus show which was good fun especially as they seem to be all under about 10 years old and some looked under five!

It was dress-up night on board so we did.

The show was amazing, Cirque de Soleil style acrobatic husband and wife Roberto and Dorota. We followed that with the chocolate buffet, so many yummy chocolate goodies to eat and brilliant sculptures in chocolate or ice.

Then onto the night-out party but actually we didn't stay much longer than Hubby's one beer and a quick dance.

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