Wednesday, 9 April 2014

All good things come in small parcels.....

E spends a lot of her time as a musician, and at County level she is a percussionist with the wind band, at just 11 their youngest member in fact.

Suffolk Youth Wind Band, Suffolk Young Strings and the Suffolk Youth Orchestra have just had their four day residential work shop learning all the music they will need for the summer tour in Spain. We collected the children after their first full concert at Snape Maltings last night.

Daughter bought dinner in the pub beforehand, yummy and always good to spend some catch-up time together. The concert was excellent and as E is so tiny and percussion is tucked at the back we couldn't see much of her. For their first piece E started on tubular bells which she has to play with arms at full stretch and we could only see the tops of the hammers :-) Then it was glimpses of her head as she moved between instruments but we could hear her clearly on xylophone, vibraphone, cowbell and triangle etc.

This was E's first time away on a group thing and she really enjoyed it so no worries about the summer tour. Brought back lots of memories for me when it was Daughter doing the exact same thing about 18ish years ago!

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