Saturday, 26 April 2014

The Cruise - day 4 Toulon.....

Day 4,  We are now in Toulon, France. Excursion not till this afternoon so a lovely long lie in and finally went looking for food about 10:30am. The tour didn't go quite a smoothly as the others because this one was dependent on us all wearing radio receivers for the guide to talk and walk so it took a while to kit us all out and then replace the ones that weren't working plus half way round the guide's batteries ran low and she had to swap them with one of the receivers! But apart from that it was a good walk lol.

We dined in the Grand Pacific and shared a table with a lovely couple from Canada. This is their fourth cruise with NCL this time doing two back-to-back so 21 nights!

Hubby had a beer while we watched the take off of The Weakest Link game show (some very funny passengers that are eager for their 15mins of fame) then down to the professional show of Mowtown music, very good. No cameras allowed in the theatre which is a shame.

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