Saturday, 26 April 2014

The Cruise - day 2 Livorno.....

This is our route for the next 11 days.

Day 2 and it's Palm Sunday also we were told the whole of Italy has a one day rail strike. Woke to the alarm at 6:30am after a really comfortable night. Found the early risers breakfast buffet, so much to choose from and so many people! Meeting point in the theatre at 8am then it was really well organised sorting everyone for the different trips and onto different coaches, we were on #12 with Luca as our guide and he was brilliant! First stop Pisa and an hour to explore then onto Florence and nearly 3 hours there including a lunch at a restaurant Luca took us to. We both enjoyed it all, did enough walking for me to get a blister and the only negative thing was getting wet as it rained and of course we had not long decided to leave our rain coats on the coach as the morning weather had been beautiful and it saved some carrying heyho! Dinner was in the Blue Lagoon restaurant and tonights show was a juggler. Then off to bed about 11:30pm as another early start in the morning.

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