Saturday, 26 April 2014

The Cruise - day 6 Valencia.....

Day 6 and we are in Valencia. Early start again for the excursion which was a lot of walking but at a good pace and a guide good enough for Hubby to tip :o)

Did have an internet problem today....the internet on board is very expensive so we haven't bothered but yesterday I decided to pay £2 for 25mg for the day on my pay-as-you-go phone mainly as I needed to check my balance and I stayed on for about half an hour with no big downloads or posting pictures so not sure how much I used, then I tried to log on again in the evening but it wouldn't let me so I turned off data roaming and unticked the connection. Today I got a text from Vodafone saying "I see you are now using our internet so we have taken £5 and given you another 25mg! I don't want to switch it on and argue with them online at my expense so I guess I'll have to sort it out when I get home....I'm very cross though!

Soooo back to happier memories, dinner was in the Grand Pacific and then onto the song and dance show (can you see a real pattern here?).

Our cabin steward makes fun characters when he comes in to turn down the bed at night, so these are a few of the friends that greeted us at the end of the day.


Michelle said...

Oh I love love those fun characters in your cabin!

MumB / @mumbosh said...

Brilliant aren't they.