Friday, 11 April 2014

Fly in the ointment......

The rest of this week has been mostly packing for our holiday that starts tomorrow. We are off on a Mediterranean cruise....we've never done a cruise before but we have holidayed with friendsL&K many times and when they booked this cruise to celebrate their wedding anniversary and invited us along (because they know I hate too hot holidays and the med in April won't be) we booked our cabin immediately.

I seem to have packed everything as we've never done a cruise before so not sure exactly what we'll need plus it's still spring weather so could be changeable.  We've pre-booked some excursions all together and arranged how and where we'll meet and generally getting quite excited.

Wednesday night was my usual pub meal with friends. Yesterday Daughter and all four children were here for lunch and three stayed while Daughter took R to her dance lesson, having just collected her new dance shoes. They are now adult style gold satin with heels, one pair closed for ballroom and the second pair strappy for latin, very expensive but beautiful.  She was so proud to be dancing round the dinning room in them :-)

During the afternoon friendK phoned to let us know there may be a problem as friendL's dad was unwell (he's 92). Late afternoon he phoned again to say her dad had died!

Of course they will cancel their holiday, of course we can't cancel and will go.
So very sad for them as the last parent they had between them has gone.
So very sad for us all not having the holiday we had planned.
So very sad not to be able to go to the funeral, as L and I have been friends since school days and I knew her dad really well back then.

Last night was theatre, which was very well performed and today is all the stuff that's done last like giving hubby a haircut and repainting my nails etc and meeting our Son for lunch. Then I'll post off the anniversary card and present to friendsL&K that we had planned to take with.


Michelle said...

So sorry to read this - hope you have an enjoyable trip anyway - or as best you can under the circumstances.

Pesky flies

MumB / @mumbosh said...

Thanks Michelle, we did, not as it should have been but good. Full diary coming soon!