Tuesday, 1 October 2013

A bit less of me to collect......

Just waiting now for hubby to come and take me home. Operation all went according to plan thank goodness. Wounds are healing well, the pain is manageable and I'm moving about without help, so declared fit to go :-)

I have been really well looked after in Ipswich Hospital and no complaints about the food either. The beds are so comfortable and clever how they totally adjust every which way and they constantly give a gentle massage while you're sleeping!

I'd worn my favourite old pajamas so felt comfortable and brought in a dressing gown that used to be my mum's so I could have a cuddle from her too. The best look ever with these surgical stockings. Hubby and my children visited both evenings and friendK came yesterday too. There has been a constant stream of good wishes on text and facebook and promises of help whenever we need it. I'm soooo lucky eh?

I'm dressed and packed and now had my hospital lunch so there was nothing else to do but blog lol.


Michelle said...

Glad you're recovering nicely :-). I love you taking your mum's dressing gown in too!

Blogging a good sign. Mine is still not fixed (it got hacked) as not a priority for Marcus to sort. So much time has passed I am beginning to wonder if I'll ever get back to it.

MumB / @mumbosh said...

Thanks Michelle had a reasonably good night in my own bed so getting there!
I wondered why you haven't been blogging. Tell M to sort it out as I need constant distractions for my recovery lol xx