Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Theatre: The Opinion Makers.....

I haven't been to the theatre for ages and was really looking forward to it. This was booked a long time ago with neighbour Trish and her friends and about an hour before we were leaving Trish phoned to say one friend couldn't go and did I know anyone who would like to use the ticket. When I rang Daughter she eagerly jumped at the chance of a night out for a change.

This is the website description...

A Mercury Theatre Made in Colchester and Derby Theatre Co-Production
When the utterly incompetent team at Fernsby Market Research find themselves facing the stiffest challenge of their professional lives – to report what the British Public really think of world famous ‘Doctor Campbell’s Lotion’ in readiness for a re-launch – there’s only one thing for it; make it all up! After all, that’s what market research companies do, isn’t it?
Critically-acclaimed writing duo Brian Mitchell and Joseph Nixon have assembled a wonderful cast of characters for this brand new musical comedy, including: the hapless Fernsby and his useless sidekicks; a beatnik Advertising phoney and his jazz flute playing muse; a Scottish Laird with a dark secret and a glamorous American gold-digger wife; and an insane Home Secretary-in-waiting.
What’s more, they’ve written a raft of great new songs that’ll transport you back to the world of ‘swinging sixties’ London for this hilarious, off-beat musical take on the birth of the political pollster – think Mad Men meets Carry On!

Billed as a musical comedy, but it was neither and the four of us cringed and I think two would have left at the interval and not gone back. Daughter googled it during the break and found some dire reviews which we all agreed with. But I don't give in "it may get better in the second half" I said with a grin, but it didn't.

This is what Daughter put on facebook....
 Really dodgy musical with Bake Off's Mel Wotsit. It was a spoof musical with references to various other musicals particularly in the really poorly arranged music. it was lacking pace, the script was shit and the acting of half the cast was lacklustre at best.

So a night out to talk about for all the wrong reasons hahaha.


Anonymous said...

Have to agree with you. It's awful. I am one of the cast. Please don't blame us though, we are as desperate for it to finish as the audience!

MumB / @mumbosh said...

Oh dear, possibly best to stay anonymous and leave it off your CV then ;) Appreciate you stopping by and leaving a comment.