Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Take-em-out and take-away....

Definite steps yesterday to getting nearer to normal (whatever my normal is).

In the afternoon I left the house for the first time on the great adventure to our town centre surgery (local nurse fully booked) to have the staples removed. I know I am an over sensitive baby where pain is involved and a few people with their horror stories had made me even more anxious, which didn't help, but they really did hurt coming out and three of the 15 took some extra tugging, ouch ouch ouch! I was amazed they can't come up with a bit of a spray numbing idea first, or an oil softening idea that would help soften and lubricate or at least a soothing wet flannel to take the sting away after, but there was nothing, not even distraction conversion from the nurse! So glad that's over with and so looking forward to being able to do my trousers up again.

Tuesday nights is usually girl's night and even though we used to be five or six of us now it's just three of us that meet for a meal out most Tuesdays. Well they checked with me if I was up for a meal out with one of them driving instead of me, however mainly due to me not being able to do my trousers up, we decided on them coming here and having Chinese delivered.  It was yummy and conversion was totally shared between my medical updates and their news, lovely that it wasn't visitors to the sick it was me nearly normal!

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