Monday, 28 October 2013

One month after....

Hard to believe surgery was a month ago!

Things are getting back to a bit more like our normal routine, I'm going out in the evenings with my friends to art group, the truck stop (though I'm not dancing yet), pub meals etc. Saturday night Hubby and I joined our neighbours/friendsP&A on their quiz team (and we were winning till the last couple of rounds). Tonight I'm off to the theatre.

I'm doing more around the house, ironing for short spells, I made a cake last week and made a dinner, but I'm being careful not to do too much partly because it starts to hurt but mainly so Hubby isn't left with nothing to do ;-)  He's been such a domestic goddess these past few weeks that I don't want to deprive him!

With the hospital not wanting to see me again till January and although I'm still sore a lot of the time I'm not sore enough to need regular pain relief, so I'm considering this subject now closed before it gets boring and try to blog about more interesting things.

SO -we are sitting here watching the wind build into the major storm they have been forcasting and as I'm typing this post I keep doing a copy to clipboard as the power keeps going off and I may not be able to save it. There are a couple of big rubber playmats flying across our garden and we know they are from under the swings next door. Unfortunately our very pretty tulip tree has been split in two with half of it now lying on the hedge.

We're back....Power went off for a while so we went next door for a mug of tea or two as they have a gas cooker (we've only just changed ours to electric of course, buggar). Seems the storm has now passed us and thankfully we can report no damage.

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