Sunday, 20 October 2013

Looking through ruby glasses.....

20 October 1973 and I'd spent the night on a mattress on the lounge floor of friends Jackie and Nick (lost touch with them many many years ago). It was our wedding day and I couldn't leave from home on my dad's arm as my dad wasn't talking to me and wouldn't be there. My future husband wasn't Jewish and although we were definitely not a religious family my dad felt he couldn't give his blessing or approval and it must have been hard for him and as much as I hated his Victorian attitude I also had to admire his courage to stick by his decision and see it through. Well if it was hard for dad it was so much harder for my mum, torn between her husband and her daughter for months and standing her ground too and coming to our wedding. Dad and I did make up a few years later.

So, what can I remember about that special day, forty years ago?

The sun shone on the golden autumn leaves. It was warm and dry.

We were the last couple to be married in the old Hammersmith Registry Office, a lovely old brick building with a beautiful area at the front for photo taking.

Friend Nick wore a chauffeur's hat and put a fur rug in his cream coloured Fiat to drive me to the Registry Office.

My dress was made of crimpoline and a halter neck style so backless. For outside I had a lace shawl and big floppy hat which I think were my borrowed but I've forgotten now who from. The dress I remember had cost me £5 which should have been dearer but they knocked a little off because it had a dirty mark which actually washed out really easily. I wore the most enormous platform shoes and insisted Hubby wore flats (men wore platforms too in 1973) so I didn't look so much shorter than him.

SisterS and SisterP didn't make it to the service as they were laying out the food at the reception, the food that SisterM and I had made weeks before and put in her freezer.

Baby NieceL, just 5 days before her first birthday, blew raspberries throughout the service (loved it).

My mum and Hubby's dad were our witnesses.

Our reception was in a brand new nightclub, The Nashville Rooms in Fulham, West London, we hired the hall for just £10 but had to be out by 6pm so they could open in time for the evening.

Our best man made his speach from the DJ box, think he was a bit embarrassed.

The dance floor lit up which 3 year old NieceS loved.

We moved onto Hubby's parent's house to continue celebrating but my new Hubby and I were the first to leave and head to our little rented bed-sit on the other side of London, as the epic Sparticus was being shown on tv for the first time and we had bought our first 12inch black and white tv specially!

Of course there have been highs, lows and lots of just jogging along, however we are both very proud to be celebrating our ruby wedding and remembering our special day forty years ago! 


Michelle said...

Aww. Lovely. Many, many congratulations to you both xxxx

MumB / @mumbosh said...

Thank you xx

HelenHaricot said...

very many congratulations :)

MumB / @mumbosh said...

Thank you xx

Hannah@HomeBaked said...

Wow - 40 years is quite an achievement! Congratulations!

MumB / @mumbosh said...

Thank you xx