Wednesday, 16 October 2013


Healing - skin still sore but trousers comfortably done up now.

Medication - pain killers not needed every day but no more than twice on the days I do.

Blood pressure - keeping a bit of a bp diary as my normally high bp now seems to generally low. Maybe one kidney is more efficient than two!

Mobility - mostly moving about as and when I please. Even drove my car yesterday.

In bed - gone is the pillow pile and can even roll from side to side. Not managing to sleep right through yet though.

Flowers - I've received so many beautiful flowers, at one point they filled nine vases a planted arrangement and a special card with flowers in.

Cards - fill the hearth and coffee table and are still arriving from people that have only just heard.

Presents -. A lovely cross stitch of my initial from a friend that had popped into a charity shop and said it called to her. A neighbour brought a huge tin of chocolates.

Visitors - my children have been around all the time, plus so many friends and neighbours wanting to pop in and wish me well. One neighbour knowing that hubby was going out came specially to make me tea. My ex-boss came too and a cousin is coming to visit on Monday.

Checking up on me - by phone calls, text messages, emails and facebook comments are far too many to even attempt counting up.

Blessings - counting them daily but immeasurable!!!

Progress - I'm out tonight at a friends for dinner and tomorrow back to my art group yaay!


HelenHaricot said...

sounds lovely :)

MumB / @mumbosh said...

Tis Helen :). And those checking up on me here are counted in my blessings too xx