Thursday, 26 September 2013

Jumped another hurdle....

We are moving on through this hospital saga now. There have been lots of phone calls between me and Tracy in Admissions until she could finally confirm that surgery will be this Saturday morning and my pre-op assessment was yesterday at 10am.

Tracy and I had built up quite a jolly relationship, with her starting with the theatre slot and a consultant surgeon then checking with me that she had a patient that was available then desperately trying to fill the theatre with staff. She started with all this for a Friday op then had to change it for a Saturday op meanwhile keeping me informed as best she could. At one point I even volunteered Hubby "If you're desperate he's pretty good at DIY"......well it's laugh or cry at stressful times eh? The lovely Tracy actually came to find me during my pre-op appointment just to say hi and wish me well :-)

So the pre-op is now done, that included about 45mins with nurse Carol filling in a huge questionnaire booklet then she swapped with Gavin who did the height, weight, MRSA swabs and ECG. Then I was sent to the path lab for them to take gallons of my blood, and for once that went without a hitch too.

I checked with them about my acrylic nails and they said just remove them from one finger on each hand, so I sent a text to my lovely nails technician saying I'll take them off myself and she insisted that she will pop over Friday and do it for me, so kind! I'm so lucky, I'm getting lots of text and email good wishes as well as real life hugs from those around me and last night Hubby brought home flowers and a card from his bowling friend Barbara for me :-)

Nothing more to do now except pack my little bag and turn up on Lavenham Ward at 7am Saturday.


Hannah@HomeBaked said...

Sorry not to have seen this sooner.
What a stressful time you've had trying to pin down a date for surgery! I'm glad you didn't have to wait as long as anticipated. I hope that surgery went well for you and that you're recovering well by now xx

MumB / @mumbosh said...

Thank you Hannah, all went according to plan apparently and now just waiting for hubby to take me home. X