Thursday, 12 September 2013

Fresh air and hag stones....

FriendKK and I go back many many years, but over recent years our free times rarely synchronise, however that may change now she has retired from lots of her commitments. So it was a lovely spontaneous surprise when she emailed on Tuesday to say "are you free tomorrow?" and suggested we took some catch-up time together after her early morning swim and before she collects grandchildren from school.

We went to Aldeburgh, a beautiful old Suffolk fishing town. Although we thought we may never get there as we had to follow a very nervous learner driver for miles!  We parked and took a mooch round the shops, KK bought a top in a charity shop and we chatted to a lovely man behind the counter of a 'curio' shop, then a walk along the beach to be near the water's edge. This beach is all stones, all shapes, sizes, colours and textures so you spend the whole walk scanning and studying them and amazed by their beauty. FriendKK picked up a hag stone and popped it in her pocket, no doubt to use for witchy things ;-)

Lunch was in the very popular fish and chip shop, you can't get fresher than all their local catch-of-the-day. I ate all my haddock and batter but left all the chips, KK ate all her chips but had undressed her skate wing and left all the batter.....we were both stuffed.

No time left to even walk off our lunch as we had to head home. Although we thought we may never get there as we had to follow a very large and slow tractor for miles!

In the evening I was out with the usual crowd but I couldn't eat a dinner so just had a small prawn starter and I was even caught with my eyes closing for a minute,  guess it was all that fresh air :-)

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