Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Have a date with a surgeon....

It's a shame I had to chase the hospital to get a date, because recently the NHS has been looking after me quite well, however the consultant had told me more than two weeks ago that this was quite urgent and would be done in the next few weeks and definitely within 30 days! But I'd heard nothing since.

It's like the teenagers waiting for the postman to bring their exam results! I've since had two NHS envelopes hit the doormat, each time I felt my blood pressure raise just a little and each time they were nervously opened to find they were unrelated!

Two weeks feels a long time to wait, obviously not just for me as everyone was asking if I had a date yet and some had insisted I check, so I did. I've kept a full list of phone numbers I rang and who I spoke to when and what they said and eventually I was told that surgery will be Friday morning on 11th October with the pre-op assessment the week before on the 3rd.

So almost another month to wait, and it will be much longer than the consultant had originally said, but at least I have a date!

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