Saturday, 21 September 2013

Chipping away at the calm....

"It is what it is and just has to be dealt with" is the phrase I've been saying and the attitude I'm trying to live by. OK so being told one of my kidneys is full of tumour and has to be removed is not the best news but I'm basically a practical, fairly unflappable sort of person so why waste my energies on worrying. I have to be so very grateful for whatever got me to the point of a diagnosis when there had been no related symptoms and must now put all my trust in the medical far so good!

Telling everyone that matters is never easy but the support I've had back has been amazing. A couple of friends have very recently been through similar experiences and have shared advice on the things perhaps the medical team may not warn me about and always good to be prepared eh.

The only thing I can't seem to prepare my head for is the op itself as I was given the date of 11th October after I had chased the hospital, then on Thursday hubby was told on the phone they could now do it on the 25th,  when I phoned them back that had changed to the 27th and she had the theatre and the surgeon and wanted to make sure I could be there then she was going off to organise a theatre team. She would phone me back to confirm but probably not till Friday.

We were out with friendsL&K most of Friday and I was very aware that the pub in the forest had a very poor mobile signal and kept checking my phone! Later back at our friend's house I did get a call but only to keep me informed as she still hadn't managed to get a full team together but was still working towards 27th. She will have to get back to me on Monday!!!

I made sure my 11th October date hadn't been cancelled yet in case her plan failed and asked her to check if I needed to stop any meds before then and she checked and I do, then there was no more to be said, so we wished each other a good weekend and hung up. So not totally at my calmest just now but working on it.


Michelle said...

trying to send calming vibes xxx

MumB / @mumbosh said...

Thanks Michelle xxx