Saturday, 7 September 2013

Friday in London....

The day for Hubby's birthday present to me.
Set off late morning.
Rain on the windscreen.
Brother-in-law not home so no first cuppa.
Good parking spot right near the station.
Oyster cards (one old one new) at the ready.
Newbury Park to Stratford.
Lived at Mile End up to 40 years ago, this time just passing through.
Quick look round Westfield shopping centre, just to say I have.
Hubby tried on a couple of jackets but didn't buy.
Latte a bit bitter for me but a fruit scone and cream to die for.
Underground again Stratford to Tottenham Court Road.
Asian looking girl with very round face and tiny rosebud lips.
Walked to Covent Garden just started raining again.
Hubby in short sleeved shirt, me in yellow raincoat.
Daft street entertainer, putting clothes on, couldn't see why, we walked on.
Stopped for a beer in the Punch and Judy cellar, I had sparkling water.
An operatic female voice as we left the pub.
A man in a silver 'tin man' suit posing for photographs with children.
A good walk round the market stalls but bought nothing.
Hanging over the railings to watch two violins and a cello.
Old lady with a little red basket collecting for the musicians, proud grandmother perhaps.
Passed a bakery with loaves in the window mostly around £2ish but two were priced at£4.75 each.
Stopped for another beer, more fizzy water was just too much liquid, must find myself an alternative drink.
Slow stroll and window shopping down to Porters for dinner.
Restaurant chosen and paid for online as theatre package so no on-the-day deliberations.
Steak and ale pie for him and fisherman's pie for me and both yummy.
Syrup sponge and custard just perfect.
Lots of people opposite outside taking photos this way, us eating or beautiful building?
Checked when we left, but building nothing special so it must have been just the bright red awnings that were photogenic.
St Martin's theatre, The Mousetrap, 60 years old (like me).
Intimate theatre, red velvet drapes, unfussy wood panelling.
Dress circle, good view.
Well acted but no character actually won me over.
Some titters but no real laughter moments.
Don't understand all the hype, it was good but not wow.
Thank you Hubby for sitting through my sort of entertainment.
We must never reveal who done it.
Chilly but dry when we came out.
Leicester Square tube change at Holborn.
Two tourist children fighting, mother looking stressed, long day for them too I guess.
Holborn to Mile End standing, planned strategy.
Mile End to Newbury Park seated, strategy worked.
Car just were we left it, always a pleasing sight.
Uneventful drive home.
In the house and into bed :-)

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