Saturday, 9 March 2013

Very long conversation....

Friday afternoon really horrid heavy rain and fog drive to FriendH in London for one of our overnight catch-ups. Got to hers about 5:30pm and we started our conversation over a welcome cup of tea. We were eating out so into her car and off to her nearest Harvester, a very civilised proper dinner at a proper table (hahaha can you tell I've not had use of my kitchen for some time now). FriendH paid too so that was a lovely bonus!

Home again and lots more tea and talk and photo sharing with stories of her last holiday. There was a bit of help needed with her Sky+ settings which I could do, and she told the long story behind the change of her Virgin media setup happening in the morning and she said the windows man was coming in the morning too to fix something. Always so hard when you work full time like she does to arrange everything to happen on a Saturday. Makes me appreciate my retirement all the more! Eventually up to bed at 2am which is quite early for us.

This morning the windows man was already working away when I got up and he was soon gone so we sat for breakfast (I'm making the most of these meal times). Then the Virgin man arrived and done what he needed to do and told us it would be about half an hour before we could use the new super fast broadband as it had to complete its setup procedure. An hour later it still wasn't working so she got back onto their helpline to be told the networks were down and wouldn't be sorted for another 24 hours, very annoying! Time (1:30pm) for me to drive home :-)
So lovely to spend time together and because we only manage to do this about three times a year there is always so much to talk about that we rarely come up for air.

Meanwhile Hubby had been painting ceiling and walls in prep for the start of putting new cupboards in (all being delivered Tuesday). Did I mention how much I hate making choices and how Hubby and I often disagree? Well wall colour was a big debate for some time and we've gone with white! Thankfully that's one thing easily changed if we don't like the effect once everything else is done.

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