Sunday, 17 March 2013

Beyond the kitchen....

Yes there has been stuff going on other than the great kitchen build.

Very proud of E as I've enjoyed two County Music concerts she has been in, first one she was choir and second one she was on percussion. She has also been for an audition for a very prestigious young musicians project "shaping the musicians of tomorrow – pushing the boundaries of what young musicians can achieve." Performer, parents and grandparents now anxiously waiting for the result!

Daughter, children and I did try to go out somewhere this week for some much needed fresh air, but once they were here and we were ready to go the sky went black and there was an icy wind with hail and sleet so we stayed put and played games. Poor R had a streaming cold so in the warm was the best place for her.

It's been a bit of a challenge sorting out food without facilities. We've had picnic lunches in the lounge with Daughter and the children, we were treated to a home cooked meal next door, lots of my cooked and frozen dinners to microwave and there have been the inevitable takeaways although only fish and chips twice and once each for southern fried chicken and a chinese so not too bad. We were bought some years ago an electric frying pan, don't ask me why they thought we actually needed one, and of course I've never used it but could never actually bring myself to throw it out....well it's now been used a couple of times :-)

Last Wednesday night was the usual friends meeting for pub grub which was lovely. Thursday hubby and I nipped out for a pub lunch too, so we are definitely not starving. This is starting to sound like our life revolves round food hahaha

I've just finished knitting a cowl/snood which I thought I'd probably not wear this year but it's still so cold outside that it has been worn.

Yesterday's excitement was watching three tree surgeons take down a massive tree that was down the hill halfway down our road. We had a great view from our bedroom window and we all kept going up to check on progress, especially when O was here he stood on a chair by the window with me chatting about all sorts of tree/wood related things.

Got an email from SisterS yesterday to say the flights for our holiday in August have been changed and the outward flight is now leaving Gatwick at 05:40!!!!! Check-in will be 03:40 so need to be there for parking etc by 3am ish so need to leave home about 01:30 aaarrrrggghhhh that horrible dilemma of do we even go to bed or not :-(

Well hubby is out all day today so I'm planning on clearing our washing while running the machine isn't in his way, so best crack on with that.


Hannah@HomeBaked said...

Your cowl looks very chic!
I've never heard of an electric frying pan. How do they work?

MumB / @mumbosh said...

Thanks for the compliment Hannah.
Frying pan just like a large hotplate when plugged in. Also has deep sides and a lid so can be used for quite a few other cooking methods but to be honest I've never really played with it till now.

Hannah@HomeBaked said...

Sounds interesting! A good excuse to try out some one pot meals.