Saturday, 23 March 2013

Freezing cold and hot pot....

Had a lovely day out with Daughter, E and O. It was really cold and windy, we could feel the wind pushing against the car. First stop was Parcour, for the children. O was in the first group and E was in the third group. The hall was cold but nowhere near as cold as outside. While the middle group were running and jumping around on crash mats we walked round the corner to the play park......shiverred for barely 5 minutes when E and I had to walk back again, Daughter and O came back very soon after!

When we were done there it was off to Museum of East Anglian Life
We were meeting up with lots of other home-ed families and we first met in a room full of tables and chairs and we hurridly ate our packed lunch that Daughter brought.
I've loved this museum since we moved here more than 30 years ago and took our children often. One of the things I love most is that it's not one large building it's a collection of barns and warehouse buildings and cottages and ponds and bridges and lots of outdoor space between the exhibits, brrrr not so good in this weather!

We headed home with just enough time for Daughter to have a quick cuppa then dash off again, only to find that Hubby and R had gone shopping, so frantic phonecalls and a gulped coffee and Daughter flew off to get R from the front door of Sainsbury's then get E and a fast asleep O home and get R to her dance lesson!!!!

Meanwhile I had lots of tea and tried to warm myself up.

Our lovely next door neighbour-friendsP&A then called in to look at the kitchen progress and invite us in for dinner :-)   She had had beef in the slow cooker all day served with mash and veg and good company so a great way to warm up!

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