Monday, 4 March 2013

No excuses...

Still managed to host the monthly coffee morning, not round the dining room table of course but in the lounge. Think there was 12 of us and two babies and a toddler. Many of them had to have a look at the kitchen in progress, so hopefully they will see a huge difference by next coffee morning.

After lunch Daughter rang to ask if she could bring O here while she popped into town with the girls, we said yes so she did and hubby played with him on the wii. Had to have a very serious talk with him about relative ages when he said "Grandma and Granddad you are both really old and nearly dead"!!!

Also my lovely nails technician came this afternoon and we squeezed into the only clear corner of the building site by an open window. I've now beautiful manicured dark blue nails.

Eventually Daughter and children went home, think it was gone 5pm by then and hubby finally got back to his ceiling and walls painting. So I went out and brought back fish and chips to save getting in his way (sneaked back some chocolate to).

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