Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Celebrating round numbers....

Like most people who celebrate birthdays and anniversaries etc I always try to add a little extra for the decades even if it's just sending a card with the big number on! In fact I've a "mark the decade" birthday later this year but will be on holiday on the day so if I get a big badge I'll wear it because nobody there will know me hahaha

Anyway I've totally gone off the reason I started writing this. I just happened to catch sight of the stats for this blog and the pageviews total has reached 3,000. Now that may not be a big number compared to others but actually may be huge compared to a select few, it may represent 3,000 readers or just one regular visitor who has dropped in for a chat 3,000 times, I don’t really check the stats so don't mind what they mean, I just thought it's a big round number so ought to be acknowledged.

Now I'll go and clear up the streamers and balloons. Would you like the last sausage roll?


Michelle said...

Yes please!

MumB / @mumbosh said...

With pleasure Michelle, kettle's on so pop in to collect it whenever you like. X