Friday, 22 March 2013

Construction - part 6....

Quick update on the kitchen but I'm thinking I may not put any more progress photos on here as it will no doubt spoil the grand reveal when it's done! I'm such a tease :-)

Yesterday the worktops went in and what a difference it makes, the whole shape of the kitchen is now defined. We did have the professional in for this job as one of my pet hates is noticeable joins and they use special tools which of course hubby doesn't have, nor does he have experience which does make a difference. One problem was the "professional" cut the worktop for the sink slightly left of where it was expected to be which looks fine from above but below means the pipework doesn't match up, so hubby and M will have to bend pipes yet again........although that will have to wait a while as neither if us like the taps that arrived as the brushed chrome looks yellow against the sink, so replacement taps should be here Monday.

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