Monday, 25 March 2013

Construction - part 7....

Sorry if you've dropped by to read the next excited progress report, because this time I need to have a moan!

Yesterday Hubby started putting some drawers together and the two units either side of the cooker are now complete, except they still haven't brought the handles, so I had to put some brown tape strips on them so they can be opened. When we first ordered the kitchen we chose the handles that were on display in the shop and Barbara very kindly said we could have them for free as they were leftover stock. Then when Mark came to take specific measurements he said we may not like those handles (guess he doesn't like them) and to not feel obligated when we see them if we change our minds. Of course if we change or minds they will then need to order replacements, but they still haven't delivered them!

Second main moan was also highlighted when Hubby was working on drawers. When Charlie was here to do the worktops he did a great job, however when he cut the hole for the sink it wasn't exactly over the cupboard so he had to cut a gap out of the two joining sides of that cupboard and the one beside it for the half sink to sit, ok so far, however the plumbing below that Hubby and M moved to get it all ready now has to be moved again and we are now not sure that the runners for that drawer has enough wood to screw to!!!

My other moans are to do with how things don't look exactly how I wanted them to which I know is me being over fussy. When we ordered the sink and taps it was out of a catalogue even though I kept asking Hubby that we see them first but we didn't. I wanted a textured or brushed stainless steel (like I had before) as I find them so much easier to clean, however the new sink has a brushed edge but the main bowls and draining board are not so it's going to need all water marks polished off all the time grrrr plus the taps are a brushed stainless steel and they look really yellow against the shiny silver sink so they are going back and being replaced, but of course as luck would have it when Charlie was here he very kindly removed all the surplus packages so we haven't got the taps box and will probably not get our money back for them!

And finally (for now) I have to mention the worktop edge. Charlie has done a really neat job of the joins, which is a pet hate of mine, and the veneer on the cut edges, however along the entrance into the kitchen space we have rounded front worktop on the right and square cut edge on the left as there was no other way to do it. Hopefully when it's all done I'll learn to ignore it.

Right well that is moaning over and yes I'm really proud of Hubby's hard work and I know it will be lovely, but this very prolonged winter weather (looking at a snow covered garden yet again) and kitchen chaos now in week seven and today having no electrics as Peter is in the kitchen fitting a new consumer unit, just meant I needed to blow a little steam here, hopefully you won't hear any more negatives.


Michelle said...

Steam blowing is fine here - it's your space. Getting our kitchen done was one of the most stressful things ever. I don't think I could ever do a complete refit ever again. I'm still scarred 10 years on. It will be amazing when done I'm sure xx

Michelle said...

And had a thought. My mum has taps with a built in aerator so they barely splash at all. Really effective.

MumB / @mumbosh said...

Ooo taps with aerator sounds interesting, will have to go investigate. This is the third total kitchen build for me so all your empathies and sympathies well received ***laughs hysterically***