Thursday, 14 March 2013

Construction - part 4.....

This was so nearly a very tragic update with Hubby in my baddest of books, so nearly but thankfully not at all.

Let me set the scene...Hubby is a self taught DIY enthusiast and he built me a beautiful kitchen more than 20 years ago and it worked so well for me (even though I'm quite short). So right at the outset of the "I need to replace this kitchen" versus "I love this kitchen keep your hands off it" discussions (which started in 2007 and came to a head this year), it came down to my tick list of things I had to have, the absolute main non-negotiable must keep at all costs were my two corner carousels that had integrated doors that spun inside as the carousel turned and therefore took up no floorspace. Brilliant !!!

When looking at all new kitchens not one range had corner units like them. They had similar turning shelves but fully opening hinged double door, or there are the wire basket types that slide along when the door is open or lots of variations on the same theme.

Hubby decided that he could buy a new corner unit, replace the sides with end panels and remove the old carousel and install it into the new cupboard. We both knew it would be a lot of work and I managed to redesign the kitchen so it would only need one of these Heath Robinson affairs.

The new units arrived and the corner unit got unpacked and there was some crashing and banging and swearing and more banging for ages. Eventually Hubby decided to go to bed and his parting words were "you can't have your carousel, it just won't fit".

Well to cut this long long story down to size, I'm pleased to announce that after nearly two days of his hard grafting and my very gentle encouragements and suggestions (*wink*) he got it to fit and work with the old doors. Fingers crossed when the new doors go on they will fit too.

See struggle, struggle, struggle, success!!!

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