Friday, 13 February 2015

Far room makeover......

This is what happened to our games room when Hubby decided it needed a change of purpose. First major change was to sell the pool table as it really wasn't being used much.

After being decorated (in the same colour as before) I had a major sort out which spewed out into the dining room too.

The arts-n-crafts stuff is much tidier as are the games. 

There's more room to get fit now,  so I've lost my main excuse doh! 

And today all the worktop was fitted and the office came down. 

So now it has so many uses it can't just be "The Games Room" so we're calling it "The Far Room" as it is the furthest away from wherever you might be in the house. 

Loved that as soon as the girls saw tidy games and a clear rug to sit on we lost our helpers ☺


Michelle said...

That's a huge task. Looks great. Have you managed many minutes on that scary looking piece of gym apparatus since?

MumB / @mumbosh said...

We both used to use it a lot, not used it since it's all moved but hope to. O loves the treadmill but cross he can't make the weights move yet. E likes the stepper. And hubby still getting plenty of exercise DIYing.

HelenHaricot said...

looks great