Monday, 23 February 2015

I'll tell you later.....

This title made me smile as a memory of a job I had to take just because it fitted in with school hours and holidays.  It was factory work and we mostly sorted small laminate squares into the trays needed by the machine that produced colour/sample cards for the retailers. This was part time and casual labour so we could take the school holidays off but they could also lay us off when work was slack which wasn't so good. We mostly worked as a large group of women at a very long table, sitting on upturned buckets, uncomfortable, very boring tedious work but usually a real laugh as we talked and joked to pass the time. However I sat towards one end of the table and if a new topic started or a witty remark made at the other end I couldn't hear (we always had the radio up loud too) so I'd say to Jean "what did they say" and she'd always say "I'll tell you later".... It became a standing joke!

However,  this time I'm saying that because when I'm really busy there's no time to blog, unlike when I've all the time in the world but nothing to blog about hahaha. So what's been happening. ..

Last Wednesday was our usual crowd at the usual pub, except no friendDJ. We've all been really worried about him as he has been quite ill recently with all the treatments for prostate cancer and now he's anaemic and they are doing tests for diverticulitis, he's 71 this year,  but this night he was being taken out by another friend to see live music and we were all really pleased for him.

Last Thursday the monthly crafts at the busy bungalow was cancelled as T thought she was coming down with something and didn't want to give us get germs so I crafted at home in the limited space I have now hubby had finished downstairs and is disrupting everything upstairs to revamp what was his office now into my studio, I'll tell you later πŸ˜‰.
In the evening was our art group in the little church hall, but only six of us,  and I drove Dave as he doesn't feel safe driving at the moment with anaemia fatigue but happy to come out for the evening. So art then onto the truck-stop for then end of the night with some live music.

Last Friday evening theatre with friends T and P. Seems ages since our last one but now we seen to have a run of them booked. About what we saw...  I'll tell you later πŸ˜‰

Last Saturday, was chutney fest, which has to have a post of its own.... I'll tell you later πŸ˜‰

Yesterday, hubby changed lights for my nephewE, again I'll tell you later πŸ˜‰

Today more chutney as the house still smells of onions anyway, no plums left so using up frozen damsons. And obviously I'm blogging so I don't forget.

Oh and now following a post - "before-they-were-famous" - about my old youth club I think my memories of that special place deserves its own post too,  so you guessed it,  I'll tell you later πŸ˜‰