Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Giving a little back.....

Our doctors' surgery is a teaching one and this week some student doctors were discussing gynecology.  As I've recently had a cervical polyp removed by day surgery they asked if I'd come in to be one of the case studies and I was very pleased that I had the time to say yes.

When I arrived there were four of us real patients and I think there were eight 4th year student doctors.  We had two sessions of half hour interviews with two students each time, so each student saw two patients. Our head GP was flitting between rooms overseeing everything.

They asked about everything so they got a full medical and social background too. They all took copious notes and told me they have to write up reports and discuss later.

I found it all very interesting and I'm sure for them meeting real patients helps them understand a different side to each problem/condition compared to or to go alongside what they learn at a lecture.

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