Thursday, 19 February 2015

Before they were famous.....

As a youth I went to a youth club from the age of 9 to 19. Growing up in the East End of London from the 1950's through till I married in the 1970's (yes I'm that old) the youth club was a huge part of my life, allowing a great deal of independence in a safe(ish) environment, although we did push the boundaries quite often 😉

I have often told people of the famous celebrities that would visit the club as maybe a special guest on awards nights (much like they have prize giving in schools), I can remember meeting Ronnie Corbett who drove himself in his Rolls Royce which made us all gasp to see a roller in Whitechapel, although we giggled too as the driver could only just see over the steering wheel 😅

Frankie Vaughan was a regular supporter of boys clubs and Fanella Fielding were others I can remember actually talking to.

There were also lots of nearly famous bands that played at our Sunday socials and my friends are usually impressed when I tell them of the Jimi Hendrix Experience giving us a great performance during their first breakthrough into the UK.

Unfortunately there is so much I've forgotten that I was pleased when someone started a Facebook page for past club members (club hasn't existed for many years). And a current conversation has been all about the Sunday socials so here are quotes of what others have remembered for me.....

" Hendrix made his first hit hey joe in October 66 it charted in December 66 he was booked for Brady and his management tried to get out of it but he played the it could have been early December 66"

"Jimi Hendrix played at Brady on Sunday 19th Feb, 1967"

"I remember the Hendrix show well, it was on the Sunday that his single 'Hey Joe' went into the charts.... The hall was packed, ....Jimmy Saville was also there and we were standing next to Jet Harris. I must admit we spent most of the evening in the canteen as his music was not our taste! At that time a member/manager called Lenny ???  booked all the bands for the sunday socials, he worked in the music business and had good connections. Who remembers the nights with Gino Washington and the Ram Jam Band, Simon Dupree and the Big Sound, The Nice, Pink Floyd to name but a few? Good days...."

"Cliff Bennet and the Rebel Rousers were there great night"

"The kinks played lots of times, I seem to think they were called the Bollweevils"

"i think the baron knights may have played the most ."

"I recall Hendrix was paid 25 quid. He seemed very high. Backstage, he said next time I play here it's gonna cost you 75 quid!...... I remember forcing my brother to stay through the whole Pink Floyd show, nearly everybody walked out."

"It was true people didnt know what to think of that style of music at that time, we were all expecting to dance, as it was a dance right?"


Michelle said...

What a fantastic youth club! Must have been pretty unique covering that age range and performers? I went to a youth club for a bit when I was 8/9. It had a pool table, a craft room, a games area and a tuck shop. Music was not live, just played through speakers. Though there was a stage so maybe live music at a later session for older ones. My dad didn't like me going, it wasn't the most salubrious place!

MumB / @mumbosh said...

It was an amazing youth club that ran a day nursery in, then collected primary children from school and had them as an after school club for working parents. And providing you took a year away after membership ended at age 21 you could come back as a manager till the end of your days if you wished. Actually I think my memories of the place probably deserve their own this space :-)