Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Theatre: All My Sons....

It's been a while since the last theatre visit so it felt good to head off with friends T&P. T hadn't been too well so we were glad she was better and didn't cancel.  P had nearly cancelled because if a persistent cough but came anyway armed with water and cough sweets and she survived quite well.

Presented by Talawa Theatre Company
Written By Arthur Miller
Directed by Michael Buffong

It is 1947 and Joe and Kate Keller, an all-American couple, are living with the ghosts of World War II.

Joe is a successful, self-made businessman, a loving family man and a pillar of the community. He is a partner in a machine shop building fighter plane parts. Joe and Kate’s happiness is clouded by one thing – their son is missing in action, presumed dead by all but his mother …

All My Sons is a searing investigation of honesty, guilt and the corrupting power of greed. The play was Arthur Miller’s first success, establishing him as a leading voice in theatre.

All three of us enjoyed it. Every actor fitted their character well and the twists in the relationships were very believable. Nice set too.


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