Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Chutney fest.....

NieceVM will change to nieceVH when she gets married in June.

When we had our family day at Christmas she tasted my home made chutney and got all excited and decided that it would make the perfect wedding favour for her guests.  So she asked me for the recipe which I was more than happy to give. Then I pointed out that there wouldn't be another crop of plums between December and June but I should have enough in my freezer if they want to make it all here.

So a date was set, I weighed the plums I had and I did all the maths to sort out how to get 160 baby jars from my recipe that one batch (which I've already doubled from the original) makes me 3-6 jars depending on their size.....then gave her a shopping list, keeping all my fingers crossed that I'd calculated correctly.

On the day nieceVM arrived just after 9am, with sisterS and her friendE, I was impressed as they live a two hour drive away! Very soon after Daughter arrived with the children so before long we had the plum prep factory going!

No sign of O as he hid away with granddad because he didn't like the smell. 

Great excitement when the first batch was ready to spoon into the baby jars.

The jars all filled (think we were five short of target unfortunately) and sitting to cool when we sat for a late lunch about 2pm. Then all jars wiped over and reboxed by about 4pm which everyone knows is the perfect time for tea and cake and time to chat.

Daughter had put on Facebook "Had a wonderful day today. 3 generations of women working together chatting about old family stories". And it was a wonderful day