Sunday, 10 February 2013

Stuffed but worried.....

I'm sooo full up :-)
Hubby and I had a lovely 4-course lunch today, private function room at classy local hotel for 21 of us. This was hosted (and paid for) by FriendsP&A our next door neighbours, as a thank you to the people that have helped and supported them during A's recovery......he had a major accident and broke his pelvis in September and was totally immobile for three months and is still recovering slowly. The meal was such a lovely way to thank everyone.

Last night we had a three course pub dinner with Son and fiancĂ©e for Hubby's birthday next Thursday, so I won't want to eat for the rest of this week, well till Thursday as we are having more birthday celebrations with Daughter and the children, we will have chinese delivered (as valentine's day is a rotten day to book a table for a noisy family when cosy couples would prefer to dine romantically) and O says he is making granddad two cakes! 

So a really good weekend but now it's 10:30pm and I'm sitting in the lounge worried about Daughter who's car went bang on the motorway with her and the girls in it. She's at least two hours drive from home but at this moment she is being taken by the RAC 30 miles in the wrong direction to collect a car from the depot to drive herself home in, they will deliver her car to her local garage within three days. This is the reality of the girls living 250 miles from their dad and both parents doing everything possible to ensure fortnightly weekends with their dad, their cars take a battering. We are so proud of Daughter and her ex for the amazing effort involved to keep up this consistency in spite of the distance and travel time and costs, it really hasn't been easy.

But today is one of the really horrid days. Daughter will have left home about 4pm to meet and collect the girls at 7pm and with the car breakdown I'm guessing they won't get home till about 1am :-(

She has promised to text me when they get home, I'll stay here in the lounge till she does.

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MumB / @mumbosh said...

They were given a smart car and set off for home 11pm and had to drive at 5mph for lots of the M25 in a blizzard but finally made it home safe at 2am. What a star she is to cope with all that!