Thursday, 7 February 2013

My way (#10)....

Over the years I seem to have developed some very definite ways of doing things and usually it's for a very good reason, so I thought I'd share. 

This one is my NEW way! I've been a knitter for as long as I can remember, my mum taught me when I was a young child and of course back then we only had straight needles either single or double pointed. Many years later I discovered circular needles for knitting in the round (did they come across from Europe?) and now I've just realised that using circular needles even for flat work is so much easier, no dropping stitches in storage, no long ends poking me in the chest, no need for a big bag as they just curl up into your ongoing work.
And for this little jumper I'm using double-knit doubled up, so pulling two strands from two balls together and this time I thought to put each ball into a sandwich bag tied loosely at the top and they don't tangle at why didn't I think of that before ;-)

What's your way?

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