Sunday, 17 February 2013

Destruction - part 2 (with a sniff and a cough)....

I've got the rotten cold now, but hey I don't work anymore so no deciding if I need to take sick leave, I live in a lovely warm house fully stocked with food, boxes of tissues and a bottle of blackcurrent squash (my favourite hot drink when I'm not well) so just a case of riding it out!

Kitchen update is still at the destruction stage.

Cupboards coming off and the first hole in the ceiling. On the positive side we are very nearly at the stage of confirming the order for the new kitchen units, the electrician is coming next week to put in new hard wiring and isolation switches and possibly a new fuse box (not sure when he's actually coming as his wife is due to deliver their second baby any day now) and the cooker has been ordered for 1st March delivery.

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