Sunday, 24 February 2013

Song, sob, sisters, sleepover......

Hubby and I with sisterS and bilK want to holiday together again in August but as yet we hadn't managed to research independently so decided to do it together and arranged a weekend at theirs (which is a two and a half hour drive from ours). I actually know someone who would cringe reading 'theirs' and 'ours' when I know it would only be correct to write 'their house' and 'our house'. Sorry to say in blogland I do get a bit lazy, so if it offends you I apologise! 

Anyway, as you know there is a kitchen revamp underway here and Hubby had cleared and prepared all that was needed for our electrician to come Monday so the whole weekend was packed for a relax at my sister's before all the hardwork.

Of course there was a little hitch (isn't there always) as the plasterer said Thursday night that he'd had a job cancelled so he could do our ceiling next Tuesday and the walls on Wednesday. I checked if hubby was still happy staying away two nights and he said "Yes it will be lovely having a proper break before all the hardwork starts!"

Friday morning we set off via Daughter's as I needed to drop my car there (she is still car-less) and got to sisterS for a late lunch. We haven't seen them since the family gathering at the end of December so big hugs all round. The plan for that evening was eating out and the cinema, so after their shopping delivery we walked to the station and two stops hopped off again (public transport novelty for us hahaha), pizza/pasta fill-up first yummy then Odeon for a film bilK had prebooked. Song for Marion staring Terence Stamp and Venessa Redgrave. It's a weepy about her last days with terminal cancer and her husband coming to terms with it. I'll not bother giving a review of the film itself cos for me and sisterS it was just too close to reality   :-(

When we woke Saturday morning hubby then said "we'll have to go home today, there is so much to do now the plasterer is coming Tuesday".  So after breakfast we told them we would only have the one day to sort out the holiday as we would leave after the special dinner we knew sisterS had planned (not missing out on a yummy dinner eh?).

We all looked at the few links I'd shared for package hotels I'd found on the internet. Actually I'd discovered that Teletext Holidays seemed to offer the sort of thing I was searching for at the best prices. Well we were all ummming and arrrrring a lot and then Hubby mentioned his mate Ray’s place in Spain which they quite liked the sound of, so hubby sent him an email to see if it was available in August.  Then we were interrupted by football and rugby on tv, so sisterS and I walked down to the High St and popped in to see her friend the travel agent and collect some brochures.

Later on hubby found a holiday in one of the brochures that appealed to us all and I rang the company to check there were still places available but didn't book it because hubby needs to hear back from Ray and bilK needs to get confirmation from work that he can take those dates as it falls at the end of a major project he's part of. So fingers crossed!

Dinner was really lovely, so glad we stayed, and the late drive home must have been uneventful as I think I slept most of it.

And today we have both been working in the space that used to be my kitchen. So I'll leave you with a few building site photos.....



Hannah@HomeBaked said...

That's the cleanest, tidiest building site I've ever seen!
I'm looking forward to seeing it finished :o)

MumB / @mumbosh said...

Oh yes where Hubby works is always clean and tidied away at the end of each day.....but you should see the huge piles of stuff shoved elsewhere!