Thursday, 21 February 2013

Construction - part 1.....

First new thing to go into the kitchen was a radiator (it needed to be smaller and further along the wall). Of course the heating system had to be drained down and the old rad removed. M was here sharing his plumbing expertise with Hubby and between them it went without a hitch.....until the switching back on bit!!!

By this time I'd already put on my fleece jacket, on top of a blouse and cardigan, also added a scarf and when I curled up on the sofa I pulled a blanket over my legs (I really hate being cold). Meanwhile Hubby and M did lots of radiator bleeding round the whole house and boiler resetting and head scratching and going around the radiators again and then discovering an extra reset button hidden behind a panel on the boiler and finally all working and a warm house again :-)

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