Friday, 8 February 2013

Destruction - part 1......

Hoping this will be an ongoing story of destruction closely followed by construction ending with finished wonderful KITCHEN.

Hubby and I have managed to get through the planning, rearranging, replanning, drawing up, choosing units stage. We've had a friend (who is also a kitchen supplier/fitter) involved. He came for consult, his wife just for a chat, then we went to visit their daughter in the showroom and then their son came to take exact measurements and work out solutions for a couple of tricky just waiting for them to comeback with a price for parts only as Hubby will be doing all the work! Also waiting for another of Hubby's friends, the electrician, to come round (he's on holiday just now) to talk over and price up all the rewiring needed, as the cooker is moving across the room and a cooker hood needs to be fitted. Years ago Hubby would have done all the electrics himself but the rules have changed and only the qualified and certified are allowed to now.

Hubby will also need to find a plasterer as that is one job he doesn't like doing. But meanwhile he has started with taking tiles off the walls.


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