Thursday, 28 February 2013

Get out the way and stay out the way.....

Catching up on the past few days is a mixed bag.

Bad thing - Daughter while still using my car got knocked into by a para-medic car on blue lights. She did get right over left and the car in the outside lane moved right over to the right and the blue lights whizzed down the middle clipping her on the way past. Not much damage on my car but three hours late home for her waiting for the police to come and sort it out. She seems to be a car disaster magnet recently.

Good thing - Daughter found a car that fits what she needs and is cheap(ish). So yesterday I drove out with her to collect it (about 90 miles away) then I drove home and she went to friends nearby for a home ed activity day and sleep over, so that was good that it all tied in together.

Good thing - electrician came on Monday and did all that was needed.

Bad thing - Plasterer called in to say could he come Wednesday and Thursday instead of Tuesday and Wednesday as the job he's on is taking longer.....argghh could have stayed at my sisters!!!

Disappointing thing - got home after the long drive yesterday to discover the plasterer was making a good job of the ceiling.....just not the job we'd wanted! Total misunderstanding with Hubby thinking he was going to match in with the swirl pattern artex that is on every ceiling in the house but apparently he is just a plasterer not an artexer so assumed we wanted flat and neither of them thought to check! Grrrrr so now we either find an artexer to go over it, I hate paying twice for the same thing, or we pay this plasterer to flatten the other half of the dinning room so it matches, but can't do that till we can move out everything that's been crammed in there!

Bad thing - I hate having people working in my house as I don't want to be in their way, so I never set foot in the kitchen while the plasterer was there which meant no access to food or even a cup of tea from 8am breakfast till he left at 4:30pm. Today we are more prepared with trays of stuff and kettle in the lounge.

Good thing - BilK got the holiday dates he wanted from work and SisterS got our Italian holiday booked.

Bad thing - Hubby got a message back from Ray to say his holiday place is available for us in August (very cheap holiday solution) but it was too late the other one was booked.

Good thing - all moaning over for now and the sun is out :)


Michelle said...

Go for flat :-)

MumB / @mumbosh said...

Thanks, think we will :)