Saturday, 14 August 2010

Scotland holiday - day 3

Wednesday 11th August

Didn't sleep too well, strange bed and all that, plus needing the loo and not wanting to disturb anyone! Stayed put until nearly 7:30am and hubby and I got up quietly and put the day bed away. Hubby then got out the birthday cards he had brought with and I opened them. Gradually each person got up and with young-J being the last up about 10am and a full cooked breakfast for all around 11am....including fresh duck, turkey and chicken eggs yummy! Then got extra birthday cards from these friends too :o)

Well the weather was very changeable with lots of showers, so our trip was postponed a few hours. On our way out hubby was asked to stop in a little village and FriendA popped out and came back with a prezzie for me, a metal heart that you hang and put a candle in, it's lovely! then all onto Tentsmuir where we walked along a huge sandy beautiful beach, then we walked through the woods.

When we got back and after FriendA had a nap and hubby had fixed a computer or two, FriendA made me a fantastic birthday dinner of venison and lots of very freshly picked veg, it was delicious and we all went back for seconds! Then dessert was a special birthday cake and the chantilly cream was coated with a sparkly stuff that left us all with sparkly smiles. It was a great day!

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