Saturday, 14 August 2010

Scotland Holiday - day 1

Monday 9th August 2010

Two points to note before I start, firstly FriendA we are visiting had asked if we could bring a speciality paprika she can't get where she lives, and secondly I had dropped a full jar of peanut butter on my toe last Friday morning (think it's broken and very bruised OUCH!).

Left home about 10:30am, quick stop at Tesco for petrol and paprika, no luck again on the paprika. Hubby has already tried Sainsbury's and Asda. Driving north until we were ready to stop for some lunch...
NEARLY found the English Heritage site near Peterborough, saw all the signs but couldn't find the road in, so we headed back
NEARLY to the part of the river with lots of boats on that I had seen from the road in but we never found that spot again
NEARLY had lunch in a Ramada Hotel on their terrace, but eventually found a pub over-looking a small rowing lake (with no-one rowing) and had a nice lunch. then back in the car and up to Yorkshire. I suggested we head into town but we headed straight for the coast and in to Bridlington.

Eventually we parked and
NEARLY stayed in a lovely 4* hotel, they only had a suit available and offered it to us for the price of a standard double but decided it was too expensive. Bridlington wasn't in favour either, so we drove on to Filey.
NEARLY parked outside a nice hotel, legally parked but it wasn't in a bay so drove quite a way to find a bay and walked back (my poor toe). We checked into the Downcliffe House Hotel and our room was on the second floor (no lift and sore toe) and in fact the price was only £20 cheaper than the rejected 'suite'!

We settled into our room and decided to go out for a walk and find a place for dinner. As the weather had been quite changeable I suggested I grab the umbrella out of the car - "Nah you won't need it" says hubby! We walked along the prom but there was nothing more than a bag of chips to be had there so we decided to walk up into the town, yes up lots of steps and a big slope. Then just as we got to the top and before we got a glimpse of any high street the heavens opened and the heaviest shower hit us. We got soaked, I had a nylon shopping bag on my head some of the time and we'd even ran into a red phone box to shelter from the worst of it!!! When we got back it was all our wet clothes off, kettle and TV on.....then I stubbed my poorly toe on the bloody suitcase which was open on the floor ouch ouch ouch! So we ate crisps and kitkats while I cried into my tea :o(

Managed to hobble down to the bar for a short while, but had to go barefoot!
If this is the start it's going to be a loooooong holiday!

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