Saturday, 14 August 2010

Scotland holiday - day 4

Thursday 12th August

Up, dressed, breakfast and all too soon it was time to leave our friends on their little Glenrothes small holding. Turning the car round and saying good bye to friends and avoiding the chickens, geese, ducks, turkeys and even a lamb is not easy. Oh I'd forgotten to mention Murphey, he's a young crow they'd rescued and nurtured back to good health, he lives in a large cage and slept in the lounge with us at night. Actually with his blanket on he doesn't make any noise at all.

We made a stop en-route at Dundee and had a walk round a shopping mall, when we stopped for a cuppa I asked one of the other customers if there was anywhere to buy traditional Dundee cake and she gave us directions. We soon found a great bakers and bought cake (as you do).

We arrived in Aberdeen and headed to Westhill and checked in at the Holiday Inn....this stop was the main point of our whole holiday, but I'll still tell it roughly as it happened!

Italian dinner at Luigi's, then some TV but went out again around 11pm ish to see if we could see any of the promised meteor shower, unfortunately there was too much light pollution and far too cloudy, so to bed!

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