Saturday, 14 August 2010

Scotland holiday - day 6

Saturday 14th August (yes today, finally caught up)

Up early but hubby still sleeping so I quietly got out the laptop for something to do while waiting for him. He woke with no hangover, thankfully, then down to breakfast. Met up with some of the guests again so lots more chatting. then out for some fresh air. We walked a circuit at the park over the road, nice park, then a walk back which took us through the little shopping centre and back to the hotel. Bumped into some family guests and chatted with them too.

2pm ish we headed off to the home of FriendsN&G for their extended wedding celebration garden BBQ. The new Mrs P had told us we could walk it from the hotel in 10mins, well she must walk fast as it took us nearly half an hour! Meeting these people again today was like meeting up with our own family, such lovely people and warm and welcoming and inclusive.

Back to the hotel about 7:30pm ish and we decided to stay in, feet up, cups of tea and TV on to recover from the past few late boozy nights. So the perfect time for me to catch up with blogging :o)

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