Thursday, 26 August 2010

Scotland holiday - days 7, 8 and 9

So sorry for the delay, really bad at blogging and keeping it up to here is the rest of the holiday in one mad attempt!!!

Sunday 15th August
We left Aberdeen and headed to Barrow-In-Furness in Cumbria to stay with FriendM. We made our first stop at Loch Lomond, but guess we followed the wrong sign as we got to a bit which only led to a boat yard and ferry and couldn't really walk around the loch but we did find a nice place to have lunch. Then back on the road and stopped when we were nearly there for a quick ice-cream at a place called Bardsey. We sat there laughing at all the children getting covered in mud cos the tide was out and they were rock-pooling I guess, also watched some older guy wading out in obviously boggy ground and eventually falling into it - he didn't look hurt but must have been soaked through. We reached Barrow then crossed the bridge to Walney Island where she lives. FriendM made us dinner then we went for a walk to see the beach at the end of her road and the plan was to call into her favourite restaurant to book a table for the following night, but unfortunately they don't open on a Monday, so had to have a rethink.

Monday 16th August
After breakfast the next morning, and after hubby did a couple of DIY jobs, we set off for the first of her planned stops, but at the locked door we discovered that The Dock Museum is also closed on a Monday, so we had a long river side walk instead. Cumbria being closed on a Monday being the joke of the day! Then drove to Ulverston where we discovered The Laurel and Hardy Museum, which was interesting, then onto Wax Lyrical, Candle outlet shop, where we had a lovely lunch and FriendM and I shopped for bargains while hubby waited for us at the car, cleaning the windscreen and playing on his phone! Then onto Furness Abbey and a good look around speculating what went where and how they lived. Back at our friend's for afternoon tea in the garden. Her daughter popped round and they talked about a few places to eat out but FriendM decided we would have Chinese take-away delivered, and it was lovely!

Tuesday 17th August
We left FriendM's soon after breakfast and drove off without much direction at first. I'd suggested a couple of places and we'd set the satnav and even headed in that direction but then it was deemed too far out of our way. We did stop at Kendal and bought mint cake to give as gifts and a later stop at Ashby de la Zouch Abbey for a quick walk round but the weather was getting wetter and as we were then only a couple of hours from home we decided to come straight home a day earlier than planned.

Nice to be back in my own bed and to have use of my own 'facilities' of course!

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