Saturday, 9 August 2014

Brecon, Powys, Wales holiday - day 1.....

8th August
The trouble with holidaying in the UK is the unpredictable weather and the total lack of luggage restrictions, so I packed for all eventualities. Poor Hubby certainly struggled to get our case and bags down the stairs and into my car!

7am and we headed off to sisterS and bilK's house in Middlesex. We made good time and had a cuppa, decanted the contents of our car into theirs (my sister had packed more than me) and drove off in one car to Wales. We intentionally left behind a bag to come back to with a gift, party clothes and sleepover stuff but later discovered unintentionally leaving behind the boules set, never mind it could have been something far more important (bet you're thinking knickers aren't you?).

We made a lunch stop in a lovely pub en route and then found our house quite easily. Let ourselves in with the key left under the mat and discovered a coach house that is spacious, comfortable and fully equipped.

Cup of tea (of course) with the emergency long-life milk I'd brought (I had been told there would be milk here but there wasn't) then off for a walk to see what's local. First stop the Red Lion pub for the men to have a pint and to reserve a table for dinner. We asked for directions to the nearest shop so we could buy milk and off we trekked. Actually it was quite a long walk and it was a little camp site shop so we need to think ahead and buy what we need if we see an ordinary supermarket when we are out and about.

We walked on to take a look at the lake.

The shopkeeper had told us of a short cut back which meant finding a gate, crossing two sheep filled fields and climbing over about six stiles. Seemed each time I really struggled there were other walkers as audience! 

You didn't think I'd post a photo of my stile struggles did you?

All glad to get back and quite weary from our long walk to discover milk left on the doorstep!!! 

Our evening meal was really good, I had the full rack of ribs which I only managed to finish by sharing hahaha

Then there was entertainment. This is jazz festival weekend locally and tonight the pool table was moved and about sixteen members of a Dutch oopah jazz band played lots of Tom Jones numbers (they know their Welsh audience) and all sorts of other music. There was a large table of locals in the audience and they were great singalong people like us with two of the guys having great voices, so a fantastic atmosphere which went on till nearly midnight. 

At this point I was hoping to add a video of the band but the file is too big so here's the link to it on flicker. Quality is absolutely rubbish mainly due to the lighting (they were standing where the pool table should have been) and because the guy with the big drum was nearest to me so my view of the others was severely obsured. Apart from that, here's the link....

A great first day.

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