Monday, 11 August 2014

Brecon, Powys, Wales holiday - day 4.....

11 August and my birthday. :-)
All up at a reasonable time and card opening from Hubby, sisterS and the ones we'd brought with (a few people sent early knowing we were going on holiday) and prezzies from Hubby and Son of charms for my Pandora bracelet so I added them on and wore it all day. BilK cooked our breakfast. 

Bit of a long drive and we arrived at Pembroke Castle. There was a little bit of re-enactment going on on the green and we had a good look round with only Hubby venturing upwards as the old worn spiral steps were too risky for me. Tea and cake were compulsory of course. 

From there we headed to Tenby for a walk round the shops, a long walk along the wonderful beach and a stop on a bench with the compulsory icecream. Very windy but warm and the showers today each time were while we were in the car, each time we stopped so did the rain and the sun came out :-)

Yes my arms are far too short to take selfies lol.

This evening bilK cooked up the leftovers into yummy bubble-n-squeak with the cold lamb. This saved him doing any more driving today (his company car), so he could have a drink too and also because we all wanted to see the super-moon tonight, but actually it was too cloudy. We rounded off the night with a music memory fun event of stuff from our youth courtesy of Spotify.

A very lovely birthday :-)