Sunday, 10 August 2014

Brecon, Powys, Wales holiday - days 2&3.....

9th August
Started the day by wishing my brother a happy birthday on facebook. Sad to say wifi was one of our requirements for booking this accommodation which is lucky as none of us have phone signals unless we go upstairs and almost hang out of bedroom windows.

Off in the car to Talgarth which is less than five miles away. Amazed to find yet another free car park :-). Had a walk round this pretty village

then on to Pwll-y-wrach Nature Reserve. We had beautiful woods to walk through (gingerly getting round the muddy slippy bits) heading towards the waterfall promised on the leaflet.

Unfortunately just as we were all feeling weary it started raining so we decided to head back before the path got any slippier.

We were all a bit disappointed not to see the waterfall but as we walked back through the village sisterS noticed a cottage called Waterfall Cottage and sure enough the little path beside the house led us to a lovely little stream with its own waterfall :-)

Lunch was definitely needed by now so we stopped at the next cafe we came across and walked straight into a wonderful bookshop with tables and chairs and a very varied menu. It was really interesting looking at the wall-to-wall / floor-to-ceiling bookshelves while eating. We even bought some books each.

The weather had been forcast for a horrid Sunday with hurricane Bertha hitting us, so we decided it would be an at-home relax day and shopped for food to take back.

Dinner in the evening was in The Castle Inn, the only other local pub, and the food was delicious, we all had pies with a variety of fillings as that's what they seemed famous for and we all agreed it was justified fame. We didn't stay late even though they had a rock band starting up and walked back in the rain along the dark lane glad that bilK had a torch and justifying all having packed raincoats although it's still quite warm.

10 August
We were woken early hours to quite loud wind and rain noises, some reported they'd heard thunder but I didn't and mostly all went back to sleep. Lazy start with nothing to rush for as it was still raining quite heavily till about noon. A quick drive out to the supermarket for further provisions then a late lunch.

After our yummy bacon butties the men sat in one room watching football on the laptop, so sisterS put the tv on in the lounge to watch America's got talent then fell asleep, while I'm knitting and catching up on some blogging.

BilK cooked us a yummy lamb roast dinner and we've watched tv with curtains drawn and lamps on and enjoyed letting the wind blow and the rain fall without us.


Michelle said...

We're in Cardiff and camping. It's been either crazy heavy rain, strong warm winds with sun or brief periods of stillness. Not so much boating this year,nothing at all today though we did get out the last two days and yesterday also involved the Pimms picnic by the river which was really lovely and we caught the sun. The Pimms was so very lovely that I later had to have a little nap!

Am in tent now and it just buffeted a bit. No rain. We have moved the car to try and be a wind break.

Last night I went to the loo at 2:30am and the wind was amazing. The rigging was thwack thwacking against the masts and the other bits of taut rigging were thrumming really loudly. Lovely word, thrum, and not able to be used often unrelated to stringed instruments!

MumB / @mumbosh said...

Thrumming is a great word and worth smiling over when the weather is throwing itself at you. I'm rather pleased not to be under canvas, you're made of tougher stuff lol. Have fun and stay safe xx