Thursday, 21 August 2014

Brecon, Powys, Wales holiday - days 12&13.....

19 August
It's Tuesday and we discovered last week that Tuesday is rubbish day so that was the first job and SisterS has become recycle queen as she's worked out the colour coding of their collection boxes, so we left that to her.

Into Brecon for a mooch round and bit of shopping. No photos as it was raining so we were occupied holding up our hoods!

Next stop was the local riding and climbing centre that boasts the longest zip line in the UK. We of course were there for no such active pursuits, we had gone for the cafe and the view over the lake. The owners of our holiday cottage live in the big house next door, Cora and Graham, and Graham told us about the centre as it's Cora's brother that owns it.

And a really yummy pub meal at The Star pub in Talybont tonight :-)

20 August 
Another place with a difficult to pronounce name...think I need Welsh language lessons! 

This is a great place for young and old (although quite steep in places for those in pushchairs or wheelchairs).

Dinosaurs everywhere and lots of information about them all too. Three caves to explore, with lots of handrails when needed, audio or visual automatic information guides and very clever lighting to highlight the most beautiful of the natural mineral deposits. 

I loved listening to the squeals of excitement of passing children and some very interesting questions they raised too. I heard one very young girl say to her granddad "yes I know about the ups and downs of stalagmites and stalactites but what does the stalag bit mean?" she was sort of fobbed off with no real answer, so I had to look it up when we got back...and couldn't find anything specific, 'define stalag' just refers to German concentration camps :-( 
There were also horses and ponies, lamas, alpacas, goats, children's play barn and cafe of course. 

On our way back we stopped at the farm shop, it's quite local but we've only just discovered it now we are here the last couple of days, typical eh? We bought a venison joint and everything to go with it and bilK cooked up a feast yet again. We gave the men permission to walk down to the pub to play pool and we spent some time reading through what everyone else had put in the visitor's book then added our compliments.

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Since found stalactite (n.)
"hanging formation of carbonite of lime from the roof of a cave," 1670s, Englished from Modern Latin stalactites (used 1654 by Olaus Wormius), from Greek stalaktos "dripping, oozing out in drops," from stalassein "to trickle," from PIE root *stag- "to seep, drip, drop" (cognates: German stallen, Lithuanian telziu "to urinate") + noun suffix -ite (1). Related: Stalactic; stalactitic.