Saturday, 16 August 2014

Brecon, Powys, Wales holiday - days 7,8&9.....

14 August
Weather was not good and we'd done a lot of walking yesterday so today was another lazy day again. We did need some fuel for both the car and its passengers so we popped out to the garage and then the supermarket at Brecon. After we'd shopped the sun came out so we took advantage of that and meandered through the small streets up to the cathedral. I'm surprised that Brecon is a town not a city and a small town at that, yet has a cathedral!

We heard from a parishoner who was on duty there, that the original cross had been stolen and a local artist had made this one from driftwood!

15 August 
We actually set alarms and got up and out early as we knew our destination was a long drive away. We had to stop the car en route for this beautiful view...

Then to Rossili Bay. The walk down the hill from the carpark to the beach was long and a bit steep and ending with a clamber over rocks (which I chose not to do) but the view was so worth it. A really beautiful beach, and SisterS told me it was voted as top UK beach and 3rd best in Europe and 9th best in the world.

And this is the long long walk back up...

Then onto Aberdulais, as it had been recommended by a friend of bilK.
So a busy wonderful day.

16 August 
So as to alternate our days Hubby said today was going to be a day of not doing much just a walk to the nearby lake here at Llangorse. He had a map and said we should do the shorter round the lake walk and we were all amazed at how much of the walk was the wrong side of trees so the lake was completely out of sight. So glad we did the short walk as we were out for three hours! Ok there was a stop at the bird hide and a sit on a bench and I was walking very slowly because my knee hurt a bit and we couldn't take one of the shortcuts as the field had cows in and SisterS said "I'm not going in there". Thank goodness he didn't want to do the longer walk.

And we spotted this little field mouse, so cute :-)

Back to the car then straight into the cafe as I for one was seriously tea depleted, so we had some lunch there too at about 3pm. Tonight was another yummy pub meal in the very local Castle Inn which specialises in pies and I had the mariners pie mmmmm. I'm gonna sleep well again tonight.

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