Thursday, 31 July 2014

Gold in the floorboards.....

Last Saturday was lovely when my special FriendH came to visit (we go back more than 45 years as friends). Normally I go to her's but this time she came here...eventually, as she got lost and Hubby had to go out to find her hahaha. Son just happened to be popping in for a cuppa (which doesn't happen often) and she was thrilled to see him, he stayed for lunch with us too. Daughter said she'd pop in if she could and she did mid-afternoon with R and O. O was a big hit with all his magic tricks. Daughter left the children here while she went to collect E so when she came back for the other two FriendH got to see her too. As usual there was non-stop chat right through till after dinner when she had to leave. Really lovely :-)

Sunday evening we were invited to the wedding reception of some SERV (blood runners) friends of Hubby's. The venue was Isaacs on the Ipswich Waterfront, a fabulous old building which used to be a malt kiln and before that a big part of the wool trade being right on the dock and near the custom house. Today it's a very lively venue for pub, food, live music events and receptions. The weather was perfect for the outside bbq and hog roast then upstairs bar for the band and dancing.

Tuesday lunchtime I spent with BFriendM at Felixstowe Ferry having lunch right beside the river Deben. What a wonderful life I live eh?

Tuesday night I was sucked into watching a programme about Hatton Garden the diamond market of London and possibly one of the most famous diamond and gold markets of Europe. I say sucked in because I was just flicking channels and paused as my beautiful engagement ring was bought in Hatton Garden where Hubby (then my boyfriend) and I went and chose our diamonds and designed the setting (with help and advise from the jeweller) which was then hand made just for me :-) It was a huge investment for us but no doubt we were at the very lowest of spenders compared to their usual customers, but we were made to feel welcome and assured that nothing was too much trouble for them.

The programme turned out to be really interesting especially the recovery of potentially 'lost' gold. There is a business specially set up to clean jewellers workshops more thoroughly than you could ever imagine, then all the damp dirty cloths and vacuum cleaner contents etc are taken away for processing (mostly incinerating I think) and the value of the molten recovered gold is given back to the jeweller minus a hefty commission.....a lot of work but they were talking in thousands of pounds!

And of course we are still gathering plums!!! I've tried a few new recipes (not all successful) including a microwaved plum and ginger butter (thickish but not a butter) I have also given loads away, but mostly they've been frozen to worry about another time.

Tonight our art group have a little end of term bbq hosted by Sue, and I need to take a contribution. So excuse me as I need to head to the kitchen and bake.....something containing plums. :-)

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